Growing up, Jill’s favorite part of dinnertime was when her mother read tips
from Emily Post’s Etiquette book.Years later, with children of her own, Jill enjoyed working with young people as a classroom volunteer, room mother, and Girl Scout leader. Jill’s desire to continue working with young people, combined with her lifelong love of etiquette, led her to attend training at the Etiquette and Leadership Institute in Athens, Georgia. At the Etiquette and Leadership Institute, where Jill earned certification as a Children’s Etiquette Consultant, she developed skills and techniques designed to inspire and engage children as they learn social etiquette, dining etiquette, and social dance.

Jill has taught classes to children and adults, including organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, National Charity League, Boys Team Charity, San Ramon Valley Christian Academy After School Enrichment, The Dorris-Eaton School, and Round Hill Country Club Etiquette Summer Camp.

Children and adults are often intimidated by etiquette. The goal of Jill Pfeiffer Etiquette School is to change that misconception. “The foundation of etiquette is about kindness towards others,” explains Jill. “When children and adults learn about etiquette from the perspective of being kind, it loses the intimidation factor.”